Disney Online The Incredibles Blu-ray Doublepack Best Price

Disney Online The Incredibles Blu-ray Doublepack Best Price

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The Incredibles: From the creative minds behind the Toy Story films and Ratatouillecomes the hilarious, action-packed animated adventure about a seemingly ordinary family with an incredible secret. Experience it like never before in Blu-rayTM High Definition! Kown to the world as superheroes Mr.Incredible and Elastigirl, Bob Parr and his wife Helen were among the world's greatest crime fighters, saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. Fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs to live "normal" lives with their three kids, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from total destruction. Exploding with fun, this high definition spectacular adventure is edge-of-your-seat entertainment for everyone. The Incredibles 2: Everyone's favourite Super family is back in Disney Pixar's Incredibles 2! Helen is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, and Bob must juggle the day-to-day heroics of home life. But when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot, the Parrs meet the challenge together - with Frozone by their side.

Magic in the details...


The Incredibles: DTS-HD MA 5.1: English DTS 5.1: Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1: Hindi, Catalan, Portuguese Dolby 2.0: Audio Described English

The Incredibles 2: 2.0 Dolby Digital: English, English DVS 5.1 Dolby Digital: Hindi 5.1 DTS-HDHR: English 5.1 DTS Digital: Castilian Spanish, Catalan Spanish 7.1 DTS-HDMA: English


The Incredibles: Director's Commentary, Boundin' Pixar Short Film, Jack Jack Attack Pixar Short Film

The Incredibles 2: Bao, Auntie Edna, Strong Coffee: A Lesson In Animation With Brad Bird, Audio Commentary, Easter Eggs

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